Dream Hill Hotel is located at a very convenient point on the Asian side of Istanbul.

• Sabiha Gokcen Airport & Istanbul Park 22km Bus/Taxi
• Pendik Tuzla Shipyard 17km Bus/Taxi
• Organized Industry Area of Gebze 25km Bus/Taxi
• Organized Industry Area of Dudullu 7km Bus/Taxi
• Ferryboat Dock of Bostanci 4km Bus/Taxi
• Ferryboat Dock of Pendik 12 km Bus/Taxi
• E5 Highway 700m Bus/Taxi
• Coastline 500m Bus/Taxi
• Bagdat Street Walking

Additionally, there is an easy access for the Istanbul Ataturk Airport by seabus from Bostanci. Various and accessible transportation options for many hospitals & health centres, Bagdat Street. Bagdat Street is most well known and famous street in Istanbul with a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars, besides all international brand shops are located here.

There are many shopping centres around such as Palladium, Maltepe Carrefour, Erenköy Carrefour that have free shuttle transfer options.

If you would like to walk with a view of Princess Islands bt the seaside, it will be just 15 minutes away from you. You may get to Yalova and Bursa or Princess Islands quickly by taking a ferry.

Bagdat Street Sabiha Gokcen Airport Atasehir
Palladium Shopping Mall Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO) ataturk_airport1
Hagia Sophia Princess Islands Sultanahmet